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Feb 20, 2017 A Coast Guard response boat carrying six crew members crashed into the Stono River bridge during a search for a plane Sunday night. Feb 22, 2016 In the early hours of Sunday, Sept. 9, 1739, 20 enslaved black men gathered near a bridge over the Stono River, southwest of Charles Town. The Stono Rebellion was a slave rebellion that began on 9 September 1739, in the colony of South Carolina. It was the largest slave uprising in the British.

Feb 20, 2017 A U.S. Coast Guard vessel was involved in a boating accident Sunday evening, according to Lt. Zorn with the Coast Guard. The Plantation at Stono Ferry is located in Hollywood, S.C. just 20 miles south of historic downtown Charleston. Situated on a gorgeous oak-studded bluff known.

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